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4 Inch Metroclamp 4490

Manufacturer: Metrotech / Vivax

Model: 4490 4in Clamp

4 Inch Metroclamp 4490

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Description 4 Inch Metroclamp 4490

4490 MetroClamp
Part Number: 4490
4" (100mm) Inductive Transmitter Coupler
Used With: All 9800XT Series: 9860DLXT, 9860DFXT, 9860RLXT, 9860RFXT, 9890DLXT, 9890DFXT, 9890RLXT, 9890RFXT; Also used with: 810Dx
Applies the transmitter signal to the target line without direct connection, simply plug into output socket of transmitter and place jaws around target line. Designed for everyday use in the field. Rugged construction with fully encapsulated magnetic and electrical components for durability and weatherproof operation.
• High inductive performance even on high current lines.
• Advanced magnetic materials.
• Excellent cable strain relief.
• Most rugged clamps in the industry.


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