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Aluminum Manhole Rings

Manufacturer: Pelsue   Model: Manhole Rings

Aluminum Manhole Rings

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Product Attributes

  • Model: 2730-8A 8, 2730-12A 12, 3336-12A 12

Description Aluminum Manhole Rings

Available in two models, 8" and 12" height and 43% lighter than steel, these manhole covers are reversible to fit both standard 27" and 30" manholes. A watertight seal is formed by inflating to 5-10 lbs. of air and all sizes are stackable to maintain a dry opening in flooding conditions.

Reversable to fit both sizes
2730-8A 27" or 30" dia. 8" high
17 lbs
27" or 30" dia. 12" high
20 lbs
33" or 36" dia. 12" high
24 lbs

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