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August 4, 2015

Did you know that Mohawk Ltd. repairs and services over 4000 unique tools and equipment? This list includes sophisticated test equipment, fiber optic equipment and calibration services, along with hydraulic and mechanical tool repair. Our featured products this month are a result of listening to you our customer. We greatly appreciate your feedback, please call or email us at: 

Featured Product MAG-LOK  Tool System
Inter-connectable tool system
Mag-Lok Long Handle Tools

A fully customizable inter-connectable long handle tool system, capable of standing up to the rigors of commercial use.

Job specific handles with patented Mag-Lok connector.
Multiple utility tool heads connect to any handle.
Saves space and weight and is easily secured.
Easiest and Best "Lifetime Warranty " in the industry.

Pole handles, D-Grip handles and specialty handles.
Attachments include: Shovels, Specialty shovels, Rakes, Scrapers, Hoes, Forks, Brooms, Fire tools, and Striking Tools.

Available with standard yellow fiberglass handle or green handle which has a uv protected coating and is fire retardant. 
Additional Featured Products
BURNDY Ratchet Hand Crimper

The Y122CMR HYTOOL™ will accom-modate copper compression HYDENT™ connectors for : 

  #12 - #2 AWG Class B

  #12 - #2 Class I Flex

  #2 Solid & #3 Stranded

Additional Info

Air Bag 8"
Allegro® Air Bag 8 is an all-in-one unit, measuring 27" X 15" X 12" has a 15' single-ply, PVC coated, built-in duct and is designed to use with centrifugal blower system.  
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Fleet Products/Services
Strand and Fiber 4 Reel
Strand and Fiber Reel Trailer
4-Reel Transport Trailer
Handles 4-Reels (Typically Strand & Fiber)

(2) Sets drop-on reel stands with center support beam, to support (2) Reels on Rear Stand & (2) Reels on Front Stand. 

2-Reel Transport Trailer
Handles 2-Reels (Typically Strand & Fiber)

Single drop-on reel stands with center support beam to support (1) Reel on Rear Stand & (1) Reel on Front Stand

Our Mission is to be a "One Source Many Solutions Provider" to our customers. 
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