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BERT 20E1 - Repair

Manufacturer: Megger

Model: BERT 20E1

BERT 20E1 - Repair

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Description BERT 20E1 - Repair

 BERT 20E1

2.048 Mbps Network Tester

• Complete in-service or out-of-service testing

• Continuous testing of up to 8 hours respectively

• Automatically recognizes and indicates received BERT pattern, Framing format and AMI or HDB3 Line coding

• Displays all major 2.048 Mbps Network performance standards

• User friendly interface simplifies operation

The BERT-20E1 is a fully-featured comprehensive handheld 2.048 Mbps, E1 Network test set that can be used for complete in-service or out-of-service stress testing. It is designed to easily evaluate the integrity, configuration, and performance of an E1 facility. Designed for ease of use, even the novice in the field or central office can quickly become a proficient tester and provide valued measurements.

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