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Bucket Heater

Manufacturer: Tendair   Model: 1MP-15L, 1MP-15/11 1MP-15/7.5

Bucket Heater

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Product Attributes

  • Model: 1MP-15L, 1MP-15/11, 1MP-15/7.5

Description Bucket Heater

Telephone Splicer Trucks
Cable TV Splicer Trucks
Bridge Inspection Trucks
All Non-Insulated Bucket Applications

Model 1MP-15LModel 1MP-15/11Model 1MP-15/7.5
Voltage: 115 VAC Voltage: 115 VAC Voltage: 115 VAC
Amps:13.5 Amps Amps:9.9 Amps Amps:6.25 Amps
Watts:1500 Watts:1100 Watts:750
Cycles:60 Hz Cycles:60 Hz Cycles:60 Hz
BTUs:5000 BTUs:3670 BTUs:2500
Switch:On-Off Toggle Switch:On-Off Toggle Switch:On-Off Toggle
Cord:8 ft. 14/3 SJ Cord Cord:8 ft. 14/3 SJ Cord Cord:8 ft. 14/3 SJ Cord
Weight:3 lbs Weight:3 lbs Weight:3 lbs
Models above are "down-sized" to work with inverters.


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