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Bunk Trailer 9 Bed 27' Tag

Manufacturer: Rollingstar

Model: ML827TS70-Bunk Trailer 9 Bed

Bunk Trailer 9 Bed 27' Tag

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Description Bunk Trailer 9 Bed 27' Tag

Customize this bunk trailer to fit your specific requirements.

Sleeping/Bunk Area

  • 9) Heavy duty bunks w/30” x 75” x 5” Mattress

  • 3) Full height tower units 21”W x 32”D providing end support and storage for each bunk

  • Closet 36”Wx 24”Dxfull height with double doors

  • Galley Area
  • Upper Cabinet 52”W x 30”H x 16”D with integral Microwave

  • Base Cabinet 52”W x 24”D w/four 12” drawers, refrigerator and under sink storage

  • Countertop/work surface with stainless steel sink

  • Bathroom / Shower Areas
  • Separate bathroom includes Vanity Countertop w/apron and stainless steel sink

  • Separate shower room includes Kohler or equivalent shower enclosure and fixtures

  • Command/Communications Area
  • 2) Upper cabinets 62”W x 12"D x32”H along both sides

  • Dry erase laminate on all cabinet doors

  • 2) Countertop/work surfaces 62”W x 24”D along both sides

  • For additional information and floorplan click on specifications.


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