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Burndy CSMD6 6 Ton Li In-line Crimper

Manufacturer: Burndy / Racine

Model: CSMD6-LI

Burndy CSMD6 6 Ton Li In-line Crimper

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Product Attributes

  • Model #: CSMD6-6-LI: D3 groove only (snub-nose), CSMD6-8-LI: O and D3 grooves, CSMD6-LI: BG and D3 grooves

Description Burndy CSMD6 6 Ton Li In-line Crimper

The CSMD6™ tool kit includes Crimper head, capable of using “W” and “X” style dies in the permanent D3 groove. The CSMD6 has 350° rotatable heads for operation in virtually any position.

  • 6 Ton Output Force
  • Ergonomic balanced tool for true one handed operation
  • Audible “Pop Off” indicating proper compilation of crimps
  • Crimp time approx 5 seconds
  • 350° Head Rotation
  • 18V 3.0 Lithium Ion Battery
  • Recharge time < 45 mins

Copper, Aluminum, ACSR. Steel, Copperweld, Alumoweld, 6201, 5005,
Compressed, and Compact conductors
  • Taps: #10 solid - 2/0 stranded
  • Aluminum and ACSR Taps: #14 solid - 4/0 ACSR
  • Stirrups:
    #6 to 4/0 ACSR
  • Overhead Full Tension Deadends, Full Tension Splices and Terminals:
    #10 str. to 4/0 ACSR
  • Installs Splices, Taps or Terminations:
    #8 to 500 kcmil Copper Stranded (YA, YA-L, YS, YS-L)
    #8 to 350 kcmil Copper Flex
    #8 to 350 kcmil Aluminum (YA-A, YS-A)

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Burndy / Racine

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