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Burndy HIW716VTR1 Variable Torque Impact Wrench Repair

Manufacturer: Burndy / Racine

Model: FCI Burndy HIW716VTR1

Burndy HIW716VTR1 Variable Torque Impact Wrench Repair

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Description Burndy HIW716VTR1 Variable Torque Impact Wrench Repair

Burndy Hydraulic
Variable Torque Impact Wrench
HIW716VTR1 Repair

• Adjustable torque setting allows user to select proper power and torque for any job application
• Torque is controlled by dumping hydraulic flow back to tank, therefore, no heat build up or over-taxing of hydraulic power source
• Gerotor type motor
• Lightweight—Most powerful wrench in the industry• Dual action spool for open or closed center operation.
• 7/16” Tri-ball Quik™ Chuck accommodates standard 7/16” hex drive bits and accessories.
• Innovative 3-part design allows tool sub-assemblies to be quickly removed / replaced if service is required.
• Eyelet kit included.
• The gerotor has a lifetime warranty and provides greater efficiency with longer life than gear type motors.
• 5-year limited warranty on the tool.

Design Improvements
• Larger Spirolox® retaining clip securing the gerotor to the shaft.
- Tool Repair Center occasionally found this clip to be broken or otherwise damaged.
• Redesign gerotor housing where the seal gets installed.
- The seal is difficult to press into place and is sometimes damaged during installation. This modification makes it easier to install the seal without damaging it.
• New seal design.
- Allows the tool to run more efficiently.
• Alloy change for the trigger bolt.
- New alloy is approximately 50% stronger.
• New trigger return spring.
- Ensures the spool returns to the neutral position when the trigger is released.
• Manufacture of the internal porting in the handle has been improved.
- Creates greater consistency from tool to tool.
• Lock washers added to the bolts securing the gerotor motor in place to ensure they remain in place under heavy load.
- There were reports that the bolts backed out after heavy use, most likely due to the thread locker breaking down under extreme heat.
• Color of the handle is now RED to signify new design.


  • Chuck Type: 7/16" Quick Change
  • Pressure: 1000-2000 PSI (70-140 BAR)
  • Optimum Flow: 4-7 GPM (15-27 LPM)
  • Operations: Open/Closed Center
  • Torque: Adjustable 200-500 ft-lbs
  • Max. Back Pressure: 250 PSI (17 BAR)
  • Weight: 7.25 lbs (3.29 kg)
  • Length, Height,Width: 9" (23 cm) x 9" x 3? 7.6 cm
  • Tool Ports: #6 SAE O Ring (F)
  • Exclusive 5 year warranty.

Manufacturer Part Number:
FCI Burndy HIW716VTR1

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Racine / Burndy / FCI

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