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Burndy PAT46-Li 18V 15 Ton Crimper

Manufacturer: Burndy / Racine

Model: PAT46-Li 18V,

Burndy PAT46-Li 18V 15 Ton Crimper

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Description Burndy PAT46-Li 18V 15 Ton Crimper

The BURNDY® PATRIOT® PAT46-LI Lithium-Ion tool incorporates the latest engineering technology with a patented high speed hydraulic pump. The PAT46-LI features BURNDY’s Y46 tool head,capable of using all “P” and “U” style dies.Each PATRIOT® tool uses standard BURNDY® dies and off-the-shelf connectors available world-wide.

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  • BURNDY’s largest battery actuated crimp tool providing 15-tons of output force with a 2” jaw opening
    Benefit; Allows users to install largest variety of splices, taps and terminals with one tool and provides easy placement and removal from continuous conductor lengths
    Redesigned field proved electronics
  • 18-volt (3.0 AH) Li-Ion batteries
    Benefit; Batteries provide 2.5 times more charge/discharge cycles than traditional Ni-Cd batteries and 430% more lifetime work
    No voltage depression (memory issues)
  • 30-minute smart charger
  • State of the art C-Head crimp design with 355° head rotation Versatile tool head positioning lets user get into tight areas easier
  • 5-year limited warranty on tool
  • Lifetime warranty on INFINITY DRIVE®
  • 1-year warranty on batteries and charger


    Output Force 15 Tons (13.6 metric tons)
    Total weight25.5lbs (11.88kg)
    Length20.77" (52.76 cm)
    Height14.43" (36.65 cm)
    Width3.70" (9.40 cm)
    Operating Voltage 18V-DC
    Recharge Time 30 Minutes

    Copper #8 AWG str.-1500 kcmil Code Cable, Navy Cable, Flexible and Extra Flexable ½”-1” Ground Rods  Terminals, grounding: to 500 kcmil YGA,YGHA,YGF

    Terminals, grounding: to 500 kcmil YGA, YGHA, YGF
    Terminals, uninsulated: #8 to 1500 kcmil: YA, YA-2N, YA-L, YA-LB, YA-TC, TA-2LN, YAB-4N YAV-L Box, YAV-L, YAV-RS Box, YAV-RS, YA-TC-FX
    Splices: #8 to 1500 kcmil YS, YS-T, YS-L, YS-LB, YST, YSP-T
    Taps: , YH, YCHC #14 to 1000 kcmil,YC-C to 4/0 AWG
    Taps, grounding: to 500 kcmil YGHC-C, YGHP-C, YGHR-C
    AluminumTerminals:#8 AWG -1250 kcmil Code CablesTerminals: YA-A, AYP, AYPO
    Splices: YS-A, YS-AT, YRB
    Taps: YFD, YFN, YFO, YFR
    ACSRSee BURNDY® Overhead Transmission and Distribution Catalog Module


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