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Burndy PAT46LWS-Li 18V (Lightweight) 15 Ton Crimper

Manufacturer: Burndy / Racine

Model: PAT46LWS-Li 18V,

Burndy PAT46LWS-Li 18V (Lightweight) 15 Ton Crimper

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Description Burndy PAT46LWS-Li 18V (Lightweight) 15 Ton Crimper

At 18.9 lbs the BURNDY® PATRIOT® 46LWS, is 6 lbs lighter than the PAT46LI and easier to use than the previous version.
Engineering redesigned the platform by simply taking excess material out of the head, yoke and pump body assembly, without compromising any performance and/or reliability

The PAT46LWS-LI features BURNDY’s Y46 tool head,capable of using all “P” and “U” style dies. Each PATRIOT® tool uses standard BURNDY® dies and off-the-shelf connectors available world-wide.

  • BURNDY’s largest battery actuated crimp tool providing 15-tons of output force with a 2” jaw opening
    Benefit; Allows users to install largest variety of splices, taps and terminals with one tool and provides easy placement and removal from continuous conductor lengths
    Redesigned field proved electronics
  • 18-volt (3.0 AH) Li-Ion batteries
    Benefit; Batteries provide 2.5 times more charge/discharge cycles than traditional Ni-Cd batteries and 430% more lifetime work
    No voltage depression (memory issues)
  • 30-minute smart charger
  • State of the art C-Head crimp design with 355° head rotation Versatile tool head positioning lets user get into tight areas easier
  • 5-year limited warranty on tool
  • Lifetime warranty on INFINITY DRIVE®
  • 1-year warranty on batteries and charger


    Output Force 15 Tons (13.6 metric tons)
    Total weight18.9lbs (11.88kg)
    Length20.77" (52.76 cm)
    Height14.43" (36.65 cm)
    Width3.70" (9.40 cm)
    Operating Voltage 18V-DC
    Recharge Time 30 Minutes

    Copper #8 AWG str.-1500 kcmil Code Cable, Navy Cable, Flexible and Extra Flexable ½”-1” Ground Rods  Terminals, grounding: to 500 kcmil YGA,YGHA,YGF

    Terminals, grounding: to 500 kcmil YGA, YGHA, YGF
    Terminals, uninsulated: #8 to 1500 kcmil: YA, YA-2N, YA-L, YA-LB, YA-TC, TA-2LN, YAB-4N YAV-L Box, YAV-L, YAV-RS Box, YAV-RS, YA-TC-FX
    Splices: #8 to 1500 kcmil YS, YS-T, YS-L, YS-LB, YST, YSP-T
    Taps: , YH, YCHC #14 to 1000 kcmil,YC-C to 4/0 AWG
    Taps, grounding: to 500 kcmil YGHC-C, YGHP-C, YGHR-C
    AluminumTerminals:#8 AWG -1250 kcmil Code CablesTerminals: YA-A, AYP, AYPO
    Splices: YS-A, YS-AT, YRB
    Taps: YFD, YFN, YFO, YFR
    ACSRSee BURNDY® Overhead Transmission and Distribution Catalog Module


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