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Burndy PATMD6-18V Li In-line Crimper

Manufacturer: Burndy / Racine

Model: Burndy MD6, PATMD6,

Burndy PATMD6-18V Li In-line Crimper

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Description Burndy PATMD6-18V Li In-line Crimper

IN-LINE™ PATMD6-18V Series
Battery Actuated Tool—
FCI Burndy PATMD6-18V Li Hydraulic Self Contained — 6 Ton in-line crimper

• True, one-handed operation for advance, retract, and hold.
• 6 ton output force for reliable compression connections.
• Pressure “pop-off” valve indicates completion of crimp
• Interchangeable scissor action crimp jaws allow easier access to tight spaces.
• Ram holds position when trigger is released to allow the operator to check alignment prior to crimping.
• Allows the use of standard Burndy “W” and “X” dies already in use.
• Large hand grip area allows easier operation with gloves
• Ergonomically balanced tool design helps lessen operator fatigue.
• Durable high impact formed carrying case.
• High capacity 3.0 AH batteries provide more crimps per charge.
• 18 volt Li battery
• 3-year limited warranty on tool.
• 1-year warranty on batteries and charger.

• Copper, Aluminum, ACSR. Steel, Copperweld, Alumoweld, 6201, 5005, Compressed, and Compact conductors
• Copper Taps: #10 solid - 2/0 stranded
• Aluminum and ACSR Taps: #14 solid - 4/0 ACSR

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