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Manufacturer: Fluke Networks

Model: D-Snips,44300000


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Description D-Snips™

D-Snips - 44300000

These versatile electrician’s snips feature a file and scraper on both blades for easy wire cleaning. They also feature a handy notched scissor blade for quickly stripping 19- and 23-gauge wire. Made to last with high-quality forged steel, these snips are a must have for your tool bag.

  • New ergonomic design provides 1-1/2 times the cutting force with half the effort
  • High-quality forged steel construction for strength and durability
  • File and scraper on both blades for cleaning wire
  • Notched blade for stripping 19-and 23-gauge wire
  • Serrated blade for non-slip wire cutting
  • Cuts up to 16 gauge solid and 12 gauge stranded wire

Fluke Networks

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