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DCM-R Model DCM24R-204R-104R

Manufacturer: Megger

Model: DCM24R, DCM204R, DCM104R

DCM-R Model DCM24R-204R-104R

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Description DCM-R Model DCM24R-204R-104R

DCM-R Series Model DCM24R, 204R, 104R
AC/DC True RMS Digital Clampmeter

• a.c. and d.c. Amps, Ohms, Diode and Continuity
• RMS measurement
• Auto-ranging and auto-zeroing
• Excellent accuracy

AVO's DCMR Series of digital clampmeters have a 4 digit LCD and are available in different version for maximum currents of 200A, 1000A and 2000A. They feature auto-ranging and auto-zeroing and can measure a.c., d.c., pulsed and mixed currents. Additional functions include the measurements of voltage, resistance, continuity and a diode test. the overall accuracy of 1.3% of the measured value has been achieved by utilizing the largest microprocessor technology, plus the use of a true RMS measuring technique. This accuracy even applies when harmonics or complex waveforms are present.

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