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FO Inspection and Cleaning Kit

Manufacturer: Mohawk Optics   Model: MO-CI1-Kit

FO Inspection and Cleaning Kit

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Description FO Inspection and Cleaning Kit

The Mohawk Optics Fiber Inspection and Cleaning kit has all the components needed to to inspect clean and test Fiber in the field, all contained in a handy carry case.
Kit includes:

  • MO-FP - Intelligent Watch-style Optical Connector Inspector - Watch-style fiber optic connector inspector, LCD monitor, video storage, USB upload port, including tips: 2.5mm PC male, FC/SC/ST Female, LC Female Features - Compatible with various connectors, Extended display on external monitor, Audio & video recording, Multimedia playback, Direct read/write flash disk, Large storage: TF card up to 16GB, Data transfer via USB2.0
  • MO-VLS - Enhanced Visible Laser Source - The pocket-size instrument with really stabilized red laser, 650nm, ≥10dBm, max range≥13KM Features – Handheld, No warm up, Laser emitter protection for long time use, Output mode: CW/MOD tones, Max detecting range: 13Km,
  • MO-OPM-15AL- 850/1300/1310/1490/1550/1625nm,-70~+10dBm (-60~+10dBm@850nm), W/μW/dBm/dB (REF), auto-zeroing
  • CleanClicker – 1.25mm and 2.5mm Connector cleaners - Cleans both unmated connector and connectors in the adapter,
    750+ cleaning capacity and refillable, Saves money and time without sacrificing cleaning performance

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