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FO cleaning Stick SMA-MTP-Biconic

Manufacturer: Sticklers by Microcare

Model: MCC-XMT Cleaning Sticks

FO cleaning Stick SMA-MTP-Biconic

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Description FO cleaning Stick SMA-MTP-Biconic

Fiber Optic Connector Cleaning Sticks
50 FIber Optic Cleaning Sticks
Larger connectors and lenses— Fits SMA, MTP (with or without pins), Biconic; also for cleaning optical lenses within recessed fixtures #MCC-XMT

  • Ultra-clean materials of construction — no foam or fabric to leave fibers behind
  • Color-coded to avoid mix-ups and for easy selection
  • Packaged in high-purity, self-sealing bags
  • Goes anywhere! Fits in pockets, took kits and more
  • No glues, binders or adhesives to leach out and contaminate end-faces
  • Excellent compatibility with any solvent• The only cleaning sticks that can clean any connector, any configuration, anywhere

    MicroCare’s cleaning “sticks” are unique tools that deliver fast and consistent cleaning, even inside alignment sleeves. These sticks use a fiberous, sintered polymer tip which is molded, not hand-wound. This provides a dimensional consistency impossible with other materials. During use, cleaning is enhanced because the tip flexes to fit connector end-faces, even APC connectors. Under gentle pressure, the fibers spread open and then close, trapping and holding particulate.
    Only MicroCare can clean any connector, including the smallest form-factors, any time, any where. and contaminate end-faces


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