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Fiber Aid Wipes FA1

Manufacturer: Sticklers by Microcare

Model: MCC-FA1 Fiber Aid Wipes

Fiber Aid Wipes FA1

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Description Fiber Aid Wipes FA1

FiberAide™ Wipes
50 packets/bag; 12 bags/case. Unlimited shelf-life.

  • Ideal for installations and field repairs, especially in awkward locations or harsh environments
  • Wipes are protected from contamination before they are used, so you get to use all the wipes you paid for
  • The packaging protects the wipe from hand oils and protects users from solvents
  • Ideal for cleaning jumper end-faces
  • Goes anywhere. Easily fits in tool kits, tool belts and pockets
  • Ultra-pure, glue-free, lint-free paper
  • Clean room packaged
  • Lot number controlled for traceability
  • Patent pending

FiberAide™This unique wipe features a high-purity, lint-free fabric sealed in a water-proof, dust-proof protective package that is opened just before use. Convenient cleaning with consistent results makes the FiberAide wipes the perfect choice for field installs, troubleshooting and during repairs. It’s also an excellent choice to ship with OEM equipment, to ensure users properly clean their connectors before installation. Optimized for wet/dry cleaning of connectors when used with the Fiber Optic Splice and Connector Cleaner (#MCC-POC03M)


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