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Fiber Optic CleanWipes WCS100

Manufacturer: Sticklers by Microcare

Model: WCS100 CleanWipes™

Fiber Optic CleanWipes WCS100

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Description Fiber Optic CleanWipes WCS100

12 items/case: Case Price

High-purity FiberWipes™ are lint-free fabric wipes engineered for optical applications.
Cleaner and softer than traditional cellulose wipes, they are ideal for optical fiber, connector end-faces, lenses, mirrors, diffraction gratings, prisms, LCD displays and test equipment. They lift away oils, grime, dust and polishing media and can be used with solvent for fast, efficient “Wet/Dry” cleaning. The mini-tub keeps the wipes clean without the expense of cartridge-style
FiberWipes™ #WCS100
The portable tool for cleaning jumpers and patch cords. Features high modulus fabric that will not tear or shred. 400+ cleanings per item. 12 items per case. priced per case
These products have an unlimited shelf life.


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