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Fiber Optic Cleaver Cl-03 - Repair

Manufacturer: Ilsintech

Model: Cl-03, CI03

Fiber Optic Cleaver Cl-03 - Repair

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Description Fiber Optic Cleaver Cl-03 - Repair

Single Action Fiber Optic Cleaver

  • Automatic Single Operation Mechanism
  • Typical Cleave Angle: 90°± 0.5°
  • Fiber Holder Adaptation
  • Configuration: Single & Ribbon Fibers
  • High Precision Cleaving Blade with 16 Cleave Spots
  • Scratch-free Anodized Body Surface
  • Adjustable Cleave Length 5~20mm for Single Fiber, 10mm for Ribbon Fiber
  • Simplified Blade Adjustments & Replacements
  • Built-in Maintenance Tool Attached: On the Bottom
  • CI-03B : Single Fiber Cleave
  • CI-03M : Ribbon Fiber Cleave

Technical Parameters & Specifcations

Fiber Diameter: 125µm
Coating Diameter: 250~900µm­
Cleave Angle: 90°± 0.5°
Cleave Length: A/B: 5~20mm, M: 10mm
Blade Lifetime: 48,000 Cleaves

Outfit Dimension

CI-03A: 58x55x48(mm)
CI-03B/M: 88x55x48(mm)

CI-03A: 260g
CI-03B/M: 360g

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