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Fiber Optic Truck Bodies

Manufacturer: Rollingstar   Model: Fiber Optic Truck body

Fiber Optic Truck Bodies

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Description Fiber Optic Truck Bodies

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Fiber Optic Truck Bodies

Mohawk Ltd.’s Fiber Optic Truck Body is designed using the insulated FRP interior/exterior with 1” foam sidewall insulation and 6” ceiling insulation.

This unit is recommended for E-350’s or F-350 cab chassis/cutaways (modification of truck suspension may be required depending on individual truck capacity).


• Structural aluminum frame
• Single rear door
• 2 lift up fiber cable access doors
• Electrical package
• D.O.T. compliant lighting package
• Air conditioner/heaters
• Laminate countertops and cabinets
• Adjustable height insert for fusion splicing machine
• Full height plastic laminate cabinet with sliding bypass doors and shelving
• On board generator
• Ship-to-shore power
• Additional options available


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