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Fiber optic splicing workstation

Manufacturer: FIberfox   Model: SW-35B SW-35P SW-35D

Fiber optic splicing workstation

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  • SW-35 Choose model:: SW-35B Basic, SW-35P Pro, SW-35D Deluxe

Description Fiber optic splicing workstation

The heavy duty, steel legs lock firmly to the work surface and stands at 31-1/2 inches tall and our unique Cable Management Bracket fits securely on either side of the workbench. Separate the work surface from the stand and quickly attach the two unique stand-off props with adjustable webbing and you can take your work table to new heights. Attach the Aerial Strand Cables and your table is right where you need it for working from an aerial bucket truck. Slots and holes are molded into the table to conveniently hold tools and other splicing equipment. Durable, portable, and stable, this will become a standard in your splicing environment.
•Portable workbench
•Large work surface
•Compact fold-up
•Built in slots & holes for tools
•Quick-attach standoffs
•Heavy duty steel legs


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