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Grounding Cables

Manufacturer: Mohawk Ltd.


Grounding Cables

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Product Attributes

  • Model - Length: ML-GS-10-001 10', ML-GS-15-001 15', ML-GS-20-001 20', ML-GS-25-001 25'

Description Grounding Cables

Mohawk Ltd. grounding cables are built to ensure safe and dependable operation for line crews. These cables conform to all ASTM standards.
In addition to our full line of new grounding cables; we offer repair and certification services. Grounding cables certification includes cleaning of cable, examine cable/stress relief for any imperfections, verification of clamp operation and testing per ASTM standards. Certified test data is available upon request.

Model Description Lead-time
ML-GS-10-001 Grounding cable 10' with 2 clamps* < 2 weeks
ML-GS-15-001 Grounding cable 15' with 2 clamps* < 2 weeks
ML-GS-20-001 Grounding cable 20' with 2 clamps* < 2 weeks
ML-GS-25-001 Grounding cable 25' with 2 clamps* < 2 weeks

* Customer to specify type of clamps. Speciality clamps will cost more and have a longer lead-time

Repair & certification services available


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