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MO-OPM-50 Optical Power Meter

Manufacturer: Mohawk Optics

Model: MO-OPM-50A MO-OPM-50B

MO-OPM-50 Optical Power Meter

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Product Attributes

  • Model #: MO-OPM-50A, MO-OPM-50B

Description MO-OPM-50 Optical Power Meter

OPM-50 series of optical power meters features automatic wavelength identification, when used with the MO-SLS-50 series of light sources. The remote light source (MO-SLS-50) can send an encrypted signal to the MO-OPM-50 which can automatically identify the wavelength and switch to the corresponding test mode. The MO-OPM-50 also features remote reference value setting; the SLS-50 can send the power parameters of its digital-encrypted signal to MO-OPM-50 as the reference for precise link loss measurement even though the two units are far apart. The MO-OPM-50 and MO-SLS-50 are ideal for optical attenuation and loss measurements, continuity verification and fiber link evaluation in various test environments.


  • No warm-up, quick start
  • Internal clock for time stamping test data
  • Editable fiber SN info
  • Memory of 1000 test records
  • Data transfer to PC via USB
  • >125 hours continuous operation
  • Automatic wavelength identification
  • Remote reference value setting
  • USB power charging
  • Pocketsize, lightweight and easy-to-Use

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