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MPO MTP fiber optic connector cleaner

Manufacturer: Sticklers by Microcare

Model: MPO MTP Cleaner

MPO MTP fiber optic connector cleaner

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Description MPO MTP fiber optic connector cleaner

Sticklers® MPO MTP® Connector Cleaner
MPO fiber optic connector cleaner is the latest innovation in fiber cleaning from the experts at Sticklers®. Engineered for MPO and MTP® multifiber connectors it cleans flat polished multimode and 8 degree angled singlemode connectors. With 600+ cleans, it is perfect for cleaning connectors in high density network applications such as data centers and telecom central offices.

  • 600+ cleanings in each tool
  • One device cleans both male (with guide pins) and female MPO connectors
  • Cleans all compliant IEC 61754-7 and TIA604-5 FOCIS 5 MT-based connector systems, including hardened Amphenol and other brands of multi-fiber connectors
  • Cleans adapters and truck assemblies
  • Translucent plastic housing enables the operator see the remaining quantity of cleaning ribbon; avoids surprises out in the field


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