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Manhole Pipe and Cable Trailer

Manufacturer: Rollingstar   Model: Manhole Cable and Pipe Trailer

Manhole Pipe and Cable Trailer

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Description Manhole Pipe and Cable Trailer

This fully enclosed Manhole Pipe and Cable Trailer offers Protection and security to Manhole access. The fully equipped trailer allows a controlled environment to repair and maintain Underground facilities


  • Drive-over design with sealed interior access to manholes
    and underground vaults creates a secure and controlled
    working environment.
  • High output on-board HVAC systems provide ventilation,
    heating, cooling and dehydration capabilities to facilitate
    work in underground power environments
  • Trailer work areas include fluorescent lighting, work
    benches and an overhead electric chain hoist to facilitate
    movement of equipment in and out of manholes
  • On-board 3-phase and single-phase power
  • Options available for exterior area and emergency lighting,
    on-board power generators and pneumatic subsystems


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