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May 12, 2015

Keeping fiber networks up and running is crucial. Let our line of cost effective fiber optic equipment and supplies help ensure your fiber is operating at peak efficiency.

Fiber Optic Cleaning and Testing
Fiber inspection Scope
FIber cleaning kits
Fiber Inspection Scope
OCI-20B Optical Connector Inspector is used to inspect end-face of fibers and check the optic connectivity on fiber optic networks. It magnifies fibers of 125μm diameter 650 times, enlarging picture through a video signal to the display where the status of fiber end-face is shown clearly. 
Clean before you connect
Dirty fiber connectors count for the majority of transmission issues. Technician fiber cleaning kits can be customized to your needs. Sticklers also has just introduced their new CleanClicker™ 1.25 and 2.5mm fiber optic connector cleaners for LC,MU,SC, FC, ST, E2000. 
Fiber Identifier
Laser Pen
Optical Fiber Identifier
Test all types of fibers, including fibers of 250μm and 900μm as well as jacketed fibers of 2mm and 3mm. Also identify wide-spectrum signals, such as in CATV system and EDFA.
Our Price: $695.00
Dimensions: 196×35×30mm
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Visible Laser Pen
Perfect for finding breaks within the dead zone of an OTDR, verifying continuity, checking patch cables, finding defective connectors or looking for fiber breaks.  
Our Price: $115.00 5km
Our Price: $178.00 10km
Dimensions: 7⅛ x Ф ⅝
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Additional Products/Services
Cargo Trailer
Single Reel trailer

STEALTH Enclosed Trailer
Offering a broad range of trailer styles and sizes, large selection of options, customized specifically for your needs.

ICE Economy Reel trailer

Perfect for transporting conduit & innerduct.

  • 96" W x 144"L 
  • Empty Weight: 980 lbs
  • 54" x 72" maximum reel dimensions

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