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Megger M-400 - Repair

Manufacturer: Megger

Model: M 400

Megger M-400 - Repair

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Description Megger M-400 - Repair

Megger 100-Amp Digital Micro-ohmmeter

  • 100-ampere dc regulated output
  • No batteries required
  • Digital readout
  • 0.1µ W resolution
  • Four-terminal measurement
  • Four selectable test currents

The Model M-400 100 Ampere Digital Micro-Ohmmeter is designed to measure the resistance of contacts on busbars and breakers. The measurement is made at a high current, typically 100 amperes, using a ratiometric circuit.This line-powered instrument employs a current regulating circuit to stabilize the test current against line voltage fluctuations and changes in the resistance of the test loop. The use of line voltage as a power source eliminates the need to charge and maintain a heavy battery pack.Model M-400 is compact because of its short time rating on the high-current output ranges. The meter reads directly in micro-ohms or milliohms. A three-position switch is provided so the operator can select the optimum resolution and measuring range

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