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Megger MIT410TC CATV Tester

Manufacturer: Megger

Model: Megger 410 TC

Megger MIT410TC CATV Tester

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Description Megger MIT410TC CATV Tester

Megger MIT 410 TC

New MIT410TC Insulation Resistance and Continuity Testers Ideal for CATV, Railroads, Rapid Transit, Airports, University, Telecom and

• CAT IV 600 V Rated
• Adjustable insulation test voltages – provides 250 V to 1000 V or 50 V to 1000 V.
• A special applications instrument (Model MIT40X) offers test voltages from 10 V to 100 V in 1 V steps.
• Dual digital display readout
• Exceptional measurement range from 20 GΩ to 200 GΩ
• Digital and analog arc display
• Adjustable continuity limit alarm
• Automatically performs PI and DAR tests
• True RMS voltage measurement
• Results storage and wireless Bluetooth download
• Three year warranty

The MIT400 Series replaces th BM400 Series, BM80/2, BMM503, BM2000 Series and BM2500 Series

The MIT400 Series offers a range of models to choose from:
• Choice of 4 models for commercial and plant applications – MIT Models 400, 410, 410 TC2 420, 430, and 430 TC2
• Choice of 3 models for telecom applications – MIT Models 481, 482 and 485

MIT Model 40X offers a variable insulation test voltage from 10 V to 100 V applications in 1 V steps for a solution to practically any unusual measurement requirement you may have.

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