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Megger MIT520

Manufacturer: Megger

Model: MIT520, MIT 520

Megger MIT520

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Description Megger MIT520

The MIT520 increases the functionality by permitting test voltage to be set in any 10 V increment from 50 V to 1 kV, then in 25 V steps all the way to 5 kV. The testers measure to 15 Tera-ohms, thereby making them fully suitable for critical installation tests and establishment of reliable base data for new high-capital equipment. Test results are displayed on Megger’s patented electronic digital/analog arc, thereby affording the precision and assurance of a digital reading combined with the tell-tale pointer travel normally reserved for mechanical movements.

The MIT520 replaces the BM21 and BM25.
● Line supply or battery operated
● Digital/analog backlit display
● Automatic insulation resistance tests
● Ingress protection to IP65
● 3 mA short circuit current

Test Voltage: 50 V to 1 kV in 10 V steps, 1 kV to 5 kV in 25 V steps
Insulation Resistance Range: Digital display:10 kΩ to 15 TΩ Analog display:100 kΩ to 1 TΩ
Accuracy (23º C) ±20% to 10 TΩ
Voltage Output Accuracy: (0ºC to 30ºC): 0 to +4Ω ±1 V of nominal test voltage at 100 MΩ load ±25 V for test voltages less than 500 V
Short Circuit/Charge Current:3 mA
Current Measurement: Range: ±0.01 nA to ±5 mA Accuracy (23ºC): ±5% ±0.2 nA at all voltages
Capacitance Measurement: Range: 10 nF to 50 μF (for voltages > 500 V) Accuracy (23ºC): ±5% ±5 nF
Industry-Standard Tests: Auto IR, PI, DAR, SV, and DD

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