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Megger QualiFyr BVA70 - Repair

Manufacturer: Megger

Model: BVA70

Megger QualiFyr BVA70 - Repair

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Description Megger QualiFyr BVA70 - Repair

Megger QualiFyr BVA70
Voice Network Analyzer

• Simultaneous measurements of network voltage, loop current, signal level and frequency
• Measure resistance of "dry" (unpowered) phone loops
• Measure effective resistance of phone line while it is connected to CO battery
• Determines "Loss & Slope" of a phone line
• Capture and display DTMF and Pulse digits dialed
• Identify or map phone pair with a 1004 Hz, 0 dBm Tone Generator

The Megger QualiFyr BVA70, Voice Network Analyzer, bridges the gap between general-purpose multimeters and expensive transmission test equipment. The BVA70 is specifically designed as a multipurpose test set for installation and maintenance work in a telephone environment. The eight test functions are collection of the basic, important tests needed on an everyday basis.

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