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Metrotech 850 - Repair

Manufacturer: Metrotech / Vivax

Model: 850

Metrotech 850 - Repair

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Description Metrotech 850 - Repair

Audio Frequency Line Tracer

Typical applications:

Pipe Locating,Cable Locating

  • Excellent Isolation From Adjacent Utilities
  • Efficient High Power 2 Watt Transmitter Facilitates Long Distance Locating
  • Transmitter Impedance Matching Maximizes Battery Life
  • Saves You Time - Simultaneous Peak/Null
  • Shows You The Path - left/Right Guidance System and Audible Tone
  • Pinpoints Your Utility and Indicates Strength of Transmitted Signal - Digital Signal Strength
  • No manual Gain Adjustments - Fully Automated
  • Determines Depth - Quick and Easy Push Button Depth
  • Lightweight, and All Readouts are Line-Of-Sight, Reducing User Fatigue

Base Model:

Transmitter, Receiver, Conductor Attachments, Ground Rod, Carrying Case, and Operation Manual


One year provided on parts and labor.

Special Notes:

Mohawk Ltd. is a Metrotech Authorized repair center for this product.

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