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Metrotech 9860DFXT 9860RFXT - Repair

Manufacturer: Metrotech / Vivax

Model: 9860DXFT, 9860RFXT

Metrotech 9860DFXT 9860RFXT - Repair

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Description Metrotech 9860DFXT 9860RFXT - Repair

Dual Frequency Line Locator with Sheath Fault Locating Option

Typical applications:

Sheath Fault Locating,Cable Locating,Sonde Locating,Fiber Optic Line Locating


  • Real-Time Continuous Gain Adjustment™ and Manual Gain - A First in Locator Technology
  • Superior Sensor Technology - Improved Accuracy and Productivity
  • Lighted Display on all Models - Low light operations without a flashlight
  • Distant Sensitive Left/Right Guidance™
  • Multi-Frequency- 2 Active & 2 Passive
  • Current Measurement
  • Push - Button Depth
  • Automatic "Best" Frequency Select
  • "ALL" Frequency Transmission



Transmitter, Receiver with Display Backlighting, A-Frame Receiver, Conductive Attachment, Ground Rod, Carrying
Case, and Operation Manual

class=textbold>Other Popular Kits:

9860RFXT - Rechargeable

Transmitter Battery Option

Description: Includes Receiver,Transmitter with SFL frequency and rechargeable NiCd batteries, wall mount charger, A frame receiver, conductive attachments, operating manual, hard carrying case


One year provided on parts

and labor.

Special Notes:

Mohawk Ltd. is a Metrotech Authorized repair center for this product.

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