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Multi Purpose Utility Tent

Manufacturer: Pelsue   Model: 6334AP, 63360, 63350, 63390, 63380

Multi Purpose Utility Tent

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Description Multi Purpose Utility Tent

Multi purpose tent w/ Plastic hub (non-metallic hub) 6334AP
Replaces older metal hub model 6334A
Bucket Tent
Manhole Tent
Pole Tent
48" x 48" x 96"H weight 11 lbs

The 5-in-one speciality tent is a single tent which, when used with the appropriate hardware, can perform multiple functions. The tent may be attached to a manhole guard, pole, ladder, stand, or bucket truck. Door style features snap & D-ring closures. Includes stand mounting hardware (P/N 63350). All other hardware ordered separately.

Bucket Hardware Item # 63360
Stand Hardware Item # 63350
Guard Hardware Item # 63390
Ladder/Pole Hardware Item # 63380

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