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Multipack-S - Repair

Manufacturer: Ilsintech

Model: PCT/KR2006/001487

Multipack-S - Repair

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Description Multipack-S - Repair

Single and Ribbon Fiber Stripper, Cleaner, Cleaver PCT/KR2006/001487

Fiber Strip, Clean and Cleave within one Tool
Enabling Superior installing performance against harsh environments.We will save time, money, and effort when you choose MULTIPACK-S

  • Integration of fiber preparation steps
  • Skill free and no training cost
  • Easy operation, maintenance and small size for field installation.
  • Single action operation for cleave and fiber collecting
  • After stripping and cleaving, guarantee very high consistent quality
  • Eliminate fiber cracking & keep high tensile strength

Stripper Assembly
Automated & Consistent Fiber Stripper
  • High tensile thermal stripping with horizontal carriage movement & specialized blade
  • Touch-pad controls for strip temperature & heating time
  • Automated operation by equipped sensors

Cleaner Assembly
Air Pump Type of Cleaner
  • Press the button to spray cleaning fluid to clean the stripped fiber

Cleaver Assembly
Single Action Fiber Optic Cleaver
  • Single action for cleave & fiber collecting
  • Easy maintenance & adjustment (blade height adjustment & replacement)
  • Applying to damper slider
  • Enabling to cut single & 2-­12 ribbon fiber without adjustment of blade height.

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