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Optical Fiber Identifier MO-OFI 120A

Manufacturer: Mohawk Optics

Model: OFI-120A FIber Identifier

Optical Fiber Identifier MO-OFI 120A

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Description Optical Fiber Identifier MO-OFI 120A

The OFI-120A can accurately detect the optical signals, signal direction and the presence of modulated tones. It can test all kinds of fibers, including fibers of 250μm and 900μm as well as jacketed fibers of 2mm and 3mm.With its wide dynamic range, OFI-120A can efficiently identify the wide-spectrum signals, such as signals in CATV system and EDFA. Therefore it can be used in all physical layer testing of SONET/SDH & DWDM systems.


  • Handheld, easy to use
  • Equipped with corresponding replaceable adapters for bare fiber and tail fiber
  • Digitally display the relative optical power
  • Intensity display of optical signal
  • Buzz indication function
  • Display of transmission direction of light
  • Identification of various signal frequency: 270Hz, 1kHz, 2kHz

Detector Type
Signal Type
CW, 270Hz±5%, 1kHz±5%, 2kHz±5%
Signal presence, Signal strength, Signal direction, MOD frequency
Detect Sensitivity (1)
≥ -50dBm
Insertion Loss
H 0.25~H 0.9: 0.1dB; H 2.0~H 2.5: 0.5dB; H 2.5~H3.0: 1.0 dB
Fiber Type
250um bare fiber, 900um/ 2mm/3mm jacketed fiber
General Specifications
9V Alkaline Battery
Battery Life
≥16 hours
Operating Temperature
-10 ~ 50°C
Storage Temperature
-25 ~70°C
Relative Humidity
0 ~ 95% (Non-condensing)
Dimensions (H×W×T)

Note: (1) Typical value at 1310/1550nm
  * Specifications subject to change without notice
Ordering Information
Standard Package:Instrument, 9V Alkaline battery, Optical clamp (four pieces), Compact carrying softbag, Warranty card, CE certificate, Certificate of calibration, User manual

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