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Pelsue Axial Propane Heater

Manufacturer: Pelsue

Model: 1590 Propane Heater Ventilator

Pelsue Axial Propane Heater

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Description Pelsue Axial Propane Heater

The Model 1590, one-piece, Axial PropaneHeater/Blower, provides fresh warm air. It is extremely efficient requiring only 45,000 BTU’s of input to get a 125° heat rise. Certified fo rventilating confined spaces with or withou theated fresh air via air ducts. This model is available in both North American and European voltages.


Power: 120 VAC, 4 Amps
Certifications: CSA, CEESI
Dimensions: 27”L x 14.5 ”W x 14 ” H
Weight: 47 lbs. (21.3 kg)
Free Air (certified) 424 cfm
90° bends 1 / 2: 380 cfm / 366 cfm
BTU's 45,000
Propane Usage - low .25 lb./hr (low setting)
Propane Usage - high 0.5 lbs./hr (high setting)


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