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Pole Puller 4001D

Manufacturer: Tiiger

Model: 4001D

Pole Puller 4001D

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Description Pole Puller 4001D

Lightest Pole puller at 57 pounds with a base plate designed for the lowest possible center of gravity.

The swivel and hook assembly provide a method of pre-tensioning the chain, this along with the back plate prevents chain roll-up allowing maximum lift per stroke.

The Base Plate is engineered with the strength to take the full force of the pole pulling, and the flexibility not to crack under soft ground conditions

Weights and Specifications

  • Hydraulic Cylinder 57 pounds
  • Base Plate 25 pounds
  • Back Plate 7 Pounds
  • Swivel Chain Hook Assembly 36 Pounds
  • Chain - 6 Feet - 1/2 Alloy 15 pounds
  • Operating Pressure 2,800 psi Max.
  • Lift At Maximum Pressure 50,120 Pounds

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