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Pole Trailers, IPT Series

Manufacturer: American Eagle   Model: IPT Series

Pole Trailers, IPT Series

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Description Pole Trailers, IPT Series

American Eagle's unique system of design allows customers to individually spec trailers to meet their exact needs while building trailers to go the distance.

Standard Features
● Frame: 10” channel
● Hitch: 2 ½” fixed lunette eye with 2 safety chains
● Tounge: 6" x 6" x ¼"
● Brakes: electric
● Jack: 7,000lb drop leg wind with sand pad
● Lights: All lights are sealed beam, rubber shock mounted
● Reflectors: all metal clad ICC/DOT approved
● Wiring: all connections are soldered and heat shrink covered
● Breakaway system: ICC/DOT approved 12-Volt rechargeable system with gel cell battery

Options include:
● Axle capacities: 6,000lb GVWR thru 30,000lb GVWR
● Brakes: electric, hydraulic or air
● Couplers: fixed or adjustable 2 ½” or 3” lunette eye
● Paint: choice of safety yellow or white
● Suspension: torsion or slipper spring
● Bed bolsters: 3 styles, slider or drop-in pin style
● Tongue bolsters: 3 styles, fixed or removable
● Tongue lengths: 20’ to 47’ fixed or telescoping
● Tiedown: tiedown pockets: 2” nylon strap with floating ratchet, or 4” nylon strap with fixed ratchet
● Additional Options Available


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