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Ratcheting Cable Cutter - Repair

Manufacturer: GMP :General Machine Products

Model: 75250

Ratcheting Cable Cutter - Repair

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Description Ratcheting Cable Cutter - Repair

Ratcheting Cable Cutter

Cut telcom cables in tight spots.
Here’s the only cutter you’ll need to bite through big telcom cable. And it’s small enough to get into tight spots that foil bigger cutters. Specially designed ratchet and huge cutting head give you an enormous mechanical advantage. To make those big cutting jobs even easier, the ratchet works at two speeds, in both forward and reverse. To make it last, we’ve used precision ground alloy tool steel,
specially hardened. Measures 18.5" x 6.3" x 1.8" and weighs 3.5 lbs.

• They are ideal for cutting soft (annealed) copper conductor cable with maximum capacity including 1800 pair 24 AWG or 2700 pair 26 AWG communications cables

• The cutter incorporates a ratchet and pawl mechanism that is ground and hardened for years of clean cuts

• The ratchet mechanism features reversible two-speed cutting (fast action/low leverage or normal action/high leverage) for extra power

• Its 19 in. (483 mm) length lets you get in tight spots

• The cutting blades are made from precision ground, high alloy tool steel for long life, and a special hardening process to keep cutting edges sharp

• To inhibit rust, the cutter head has a black oxide finish

• For long life and firm grip, handles are epoxy coated

• To facilitate fast closing onto smaller diameter cables, a thumb button on the left handle is pushed up, allowing the handles to open fully to advance the ratchet more teeth per stroke. This "speed" button is also effective to quickly open the blades.

• For greatest leverage, the ratchet can advance one tooth with each closing stroke

• The cutters are furnished with a full grain leather scabbard to protect the cutter head during storage

Warning: Never use this tool to cut electrically live wire, steel or steel reinforced cable. Severe injury may result

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