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SCT Series for MC2 and PB10 Cables

Manufacturer: CablePrep


SCT Series for MC2 and PB10 Cables

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Description SCT Series for MC2 and PB10 Cables

Our patented SCT design features a one-piece, two-function blade that is manufactured from high-alloy tool steel and then heat treated to full hardness. SCT tools may be operated manually with the standard handles provided or with our RTH ratchet handles, or they maybe used with a variable speed drill.

Our SCT tools feature:

  • One-piece dual strip blades and dual coreblades, for extended life.

  • Patented integrated beveled bits,to eliminateO-ring damage and water migration.

  • Enhanced ergonomic handles, for improved grip and performance.

  • Wide-open bodies, for self-cleaning.

  • Precision-ground tips, to facilitate equal pull.

Gold signifies that the SCT tool is to be used with PB10 cables, whereas Blue indicates the tool is to be used with MC2 cables. Our PB10 tools also work on PIII- and T10-type cables.

Special Notes:
Each Cable Prep SCT-MC2and SCT-PB10 tool comes with a full one-year warranty on the blade and body and a lifetime warranty on the plastic T-handle. The anodized body protects the tool from the elements.


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