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Shock Resistant Digging Pick

Manufacturer: Mohawk Ltd.   Model: ML1295

Shock Resistant Digging Pick

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Description Shock Resistant Digging Pick

Item # ML1295

The shock resistant digging pick is a new and unique safety tool for the underground utility industries.
When the tool comes into contact with underground energized power lines, its insulator sends the voltage back to the ground, offering the user the benefit of protection from shock by high voltage.
The pick axe ends are forged of high carbon steel, and the insulator is fiberglass reinforced polyester resin having an AC dielectric strength of 100KV per foot for five minutes when clean and dry. Meets standards of ASTM F-711 and IEEE 987.
● Prevents shock up to 100KV
● Length 40 inches
● Weight 14 pounds
● 1¼" solid fiberglass shaft

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