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Sidekick V.O.C.

Manufacturer: Greenlee / Tempo

Model: Sidekick V.O.C., 1143-5000

Sidekick V.O.C.

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Description Sidekick V.O.C.

Sidekick V.O.C.

The Sidekick is the test set used by every major communications company in the United States to troubleshoot twisted pair applications. This light-weight, hand-held meter quickly and accurately uncovers intermittent troubles that other test sets can't detect. Since the introduction of the patented Stress Test and the Leakage Test in 1991, the Sidekick has become a benchmark in communications technology. Technicians now have the versatility to identify faults in inside wiring, such as bad jacks, opens, high resistance faults, series resistance faults, and defective splices. The versatile Sidekick is used to troubleshoot inside wiring and qualify its use for quality voice over service.

The STRESS TEST reads the audible noise produced on a faulted pair that is stressed by a 90 dBmC longitudinal excitation. The Stress Test determines the capacitive and series resistance balance characteristics of twisted pair at any point along the pair. It is capable of identifying DC resistive or capacitive imbalances undetected by other subscriber loop tests. The Stress Test is also highly effective in identifying imbalances produced by series resistance opens (high joints).

The LEAKAGE TEST detects intermittent resistance faults that do not appear under normal VOM tests. When a faulted pair is taken out of service, galvanic action forms an insulating oxide layer over the faults. When returned to service, such pairs develop noisy static in a relatively short period of time. The Leakage Test uses 135 Volts to punch through the oxide layer and reveal the fault.

Specifications: Dimensions 10.75 x 4.25 x 2.5 inches

Weight: 2 lbs.

Rx1: Reads 0 to 2000 Ohms
Rx1k: Reads 0 to 2 Megohms

Leakage:Rx10k: Reads 0 to 20 Megohms

DC Voltage:0 to 100 Volts DC

AC Voltage:0 to 200 Vrms

Stress Test:0 to 82 dBrnC

Operating Temperature:-20°C to +60°C

Power Four AA batteries


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