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Skinning Knife

Manufacturer: Heritage Cutlery

Model: 100J

Skinning Knife

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Description Skinning Knife

Model 100J

Unique protruding cutting tip allows crews to cut open jackets on telecom cables in a safe and efficient manner.
The knife doubles in function as an installation and repair crew wire splicing and skinning knife.
Hot-forged-nickel plated, Rockwell 57 on the "C" scale. Handle coated with blue non-slip surface.

  • Unique Cutting Tip
  • Hot-Forged, High-Carbon Steel
  • Thru Hardened ("57" C Scale)
  • Heavy-Duty (Less Prone to Breakage)
  • Blue-Coated Non-Slip Handle
  • Industrial Finish

Heritage Cutlery

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