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Splicer Seat with tool storage

Manufacturer: Mohawk Ltd.

Model: 318017

Splicer Seat with tool storage

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Description Splicer Seat with tool storage

At approximately 10 lbs, this splicer seat & toolbox is 40% lighter than traditional wooden models, is molded from durable, impact-resistant
plastic, and impervious to oils, dirt, grease, and a broad range of chemicals. The opening is large enough to stow your tools inside, but small enough to prevent them from falling out. The addition of a padded seat and tool pockets add increased comfort and productivity.
Used by Telecom and CATV installers this seat is portable comfortable and keeps all tools and components easily assessable.

Padded Seat Features:

  • Three inch padded cushion
  • Large pocket that holds connectors
  • Three tool pockets to store screwdrivers, pliers and other small tools
  • Leather knife sheath with screwdriver holder and quick-release snap
  • Tape holder


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