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Submersible Pump 1HP - Repair

Manufacturer: Mohawk Ltd.

Model: ML 12

Submersible Pump 1HP - Repair

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Description Submersible Pump 1HP - Repair

TEST Model ML12 and MLK12 kit: 1HP pump complete with 2quick disconect fitting and rope. 115volt 11 amps 33 lbs.
Kit contains pump, rope, carrying case and 25' discharge hose with quick disconnect on both ends

Design Advantages:

  • Stainless steel outer casing.
  • Double mechanical seals run in a separate oil filled compartment. Outboard lip seal helps prevent solids from infiltrating primary sealing unit.
  • High torque motor with large service factor.
  • Thermal overload protection.
  • Cast iron diffuser with rubber liner prevents wear on the diffuser.

  • Cast iron impeller for extended life.


  • Telephone & utility transformer vaults

  • Mining

  • Excavation & construction sites
  • <
  • Grain elevators

  • Cooling towers

  • Fire cleanup

  • Quarries

  • Coffer dams

  • Water Transfer

  • Any application requiring heavy-duty pumping

Construction Materials:

  • Outer Casing:stainless steel

  • Motor Housing: stainless steel

  • Impeller:cast iron

  • Diffuser:cast iron/rubber liner

  • Fasteners & Strainer:stainless steel

  • Mechanical Seals:silicon carbide vs sil. carbide

Optional Equipment:

  • Automatic version available with piggyback float or control panel & float.

Manufacturer Part Number:


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