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Tele-mate Pro TM-700

Manufacturer: Greenlee / Tempo

Model: TM-700

Tele-mate Pro TM-700

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Description Tele-mate Pro TM-700

Tele-mate Pro TM-700 replaces the PE-830


  • LCD for easy dialing, programming, caller ID, voltage, current, ringing, and DTMF measurements
    • Safe over voltage and over current protection
    • Intercom for “dead-pair” talking
    • SmartIntercom™ between Tele-Mate® Pros (including PE830); allows “ringing” the far end
    • Tone generator for pair identification
    • Luminescent (glow-in-the-dark) keypad
    • DSL line filter
    • Super Impedance Amplifier to monitor lines without disrupting traffic
    • Tone and Pulse dialing for old and new phone lines with Pause and Flash (TBR)
    • User options allow USA or ETSI telephony with individual options available
    • RJ11 socket for easy cord changes
    • Ten last number redial & ten number speed dial memories
    • Headset (included) for hands free operation, with loudspeaker option
    • Volume control & mute• Requires just two AA cells, readily available and low cost


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