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Telecom Batteries

Manufacturer: Mohawk Ltd.   Model: KS 14103, 76C, KS8455, 188A, 147, Dynatel 500, 500A, 573, 573A, 600 710A

Telecom Batteries

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Description Telecom Batteries

Call Mohawk Ltd. for all your battery requirements including specialty and rechargeable batteries. Whether your requirements are for NI-CAD, NI-MH, or GEL-CEL, stock sizes or custom packs, we supply them all.

We maintain a large inventory of batteries available for immediate shipment.

Equipment Catalog # Voltage
KS14103 Breakdown Test Set45VHD 15/set45 volts
188A Voltage Detector 522 9 volts
147 Amplifier 41222.5 volts
Dynatel 500, 500A, 573, 573A, 600510S6 volts
Dynatel 71OA 2469 volts
Perkins Busy Boy 2469 volts
Standard Lantern Battery 5096 volts
Reclosure Battery (form 3)NG001 24 volts
Reclosure Battery (form 4,5,6)4X0859-0012 24 volts
Line Reclosure Battery G12V13AH10EP 12 volts
1110C BatteryLCR6V10PA1 3/set 6 volts

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