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Tempo Tele-mate Pro Tele Test Set PE830 Repair

Manufacturer: Greenlee / Tempo

Model: PE830, PE-830 Repair

Tempo Tele-mate Pro Tele Test Set PE830 Repair

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Description Tempo Tele-mate Pro Tele Test Set PE830 Repair

Discontinued Product-Repair Available
Replaced by TM-700 (Click Here)
Tele-mate Pro
Telephone Test Set

The Tele-Mate™ Pro Telephone Test Set will help you deal with the increasing complexity of telecom installation and maintenance. A complete butt-in test set, the PE830 adds useful features like loudspeaker monitor, caller ID, speed dial, callback, intercom and line voltage/current/frequency meter. The Tele-Mate™ Pro not only works in handset mode, but can be used with the standard headset included and with the amplified loud- speaker line monitor. You can use the premium telco-type test leads and clips or the integral modular jack for line connection.
● Complete telephone set with ringer
● Phone-to-phone intercom
● Modular or alligator clip connection
● LCD Display in English, Spanish or French
● Caller ID with name display
● Call waiting Caller ID
● Missed call indication
● Line voltage and current display
● High voltage detect and lockout
● High current detect and lockout
● Amplified loudspeaker line monitor
● Headset or handset operation
● Tone and pulse dialing

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