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TidyPen cleaner

Manufacturer: Sticklers by Microcare   Model: MCC-PO1 TidyPen

TidyPen cleaner

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  • Order #: L80881 3 Pack 5 units/box, MCC-PO1 10 Pack

Description TidyPen cleaner

The TidyPen® is an amazing little pocket-sized cleaner that looks like a felt-tipped marker but actually contains a powerful, grease-killing, citrus-based ozone-safe solvent. This powerful cleaner easily removes labels, tapes, adhesives, most glues, chewing gum, oil, grease, road tar, tree sap and much more. Each TidyPen® is convenient to use, safe for people, and affordably priced. The TidyPen® is the best way to remove corrosion on the finger connectors on PCBs The mechanical abrasion caused by rubbing the nib of the pen up and down the finger connectors delivers a fast, safe and highly effective cleaning.
Used by techs, inspectors, foremen and office workers around the world, TidyPens are a planet-friendly cleaning choice. 14 mL Pen
#MCC-P01 10 pens/box. minimum order 1 box. Total 10 pens.
#L80881 3 pens/box minimum order 5 boxes Total 15 pens
Unlimited shelf-life.


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