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Training Trailer

Manufacturer: Rollingstar   Model: Custom Built

Training Trailer

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Description Training Trailer

Training Trailer

Can be used in firearm training for police and security personnel.


  • Hydraulic actuated wing extensions to increase the interior training area.

  • Flat-black interior training area with rear wall projection screen.

  • CO2 gas distribution system that allows for firearm operation and recoil simulation.

  • Control room is constructed with a large window for computer simulator system and instructor monitor

  • On-board power system includes a generator, shore power and full electrical distribution

  • Climate control includes insulated walls, dual heat pumps and propane furnace heating system

  • Touch panel control automatic hydraulic leveling system makes set-up easy.

  • Laminate cabinets and work surfaces in control room and overbunk equipment support area provide ample work space and storage


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