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Web Slitting / Planing Tool

Manufacturer: CablePrep


Web Slitting / Planing Tool

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Description Web Slitting / Planing Tool

Web-slitting and -planing tools complement the Cable Prep Messenger Removal Tools. The WST web-slitting tool fits all cable sizes and, used by itself, slits the messenger in the middle of a cable, so that the messenger can be used to hang the cable. The WST tool is also used in conjunction with different sized WPT web-planing tools, for critical applications where connectors are installed over the jacket. The WST component removes the messenger wire, leaving the web intact. The WPT component eliminates the web and leaves the correct jacket thickness for connectorization.

Special Notes:

Cable Prep brand tools come with a lifetime warranty on plastic bodies and a limited lifetime warranty on metal bodies.

Factory-calibrated tools and cartridges are color-coded according to cables and connectors for easy identification.


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